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Amplifying the Caribbean Voice Within Climate Science 

1 Caribbean United Across all Nations, Languages, Identities, and Beliefs 


Who We Are

Caribbeans For Climate is a community created to empower and connect people with Caribbean roots who are interested in and affected by climate change. This includes people from all walks of life: from students, farmers, administrators, and policy makers to research scientists and everything else in between. We are inclusive and accepting of all people, regardless of where they are from, language(s) spoken,  identity, and spiritual beliefs. 

Our Goals

Cultivate a warm and vibrant community for members to feel safe, supported, respected, and empowered

Connect the Caribbean region to resources  that support efforts related to climate change

Educate the public about climate change, as well as adaptation and mitigation efforts

Celebrate the culture, work, and accomplishments of Caribbean people from all backgrounds

Shoutouts and Announcements!

A Celebration of Caribbean Women Leading Climate Action

a networking fête and panel

When: March 29th, 3:00 - 4:15pm ET


What: networking and Q&A

In honor of Women's History Month, join us on Friday, March 29 at 3pm ET for an informal & casual event led by women leading efforts related to climate issues in the Caribbean! 

We'll have some music playing, get into breakout rooms to get to know each other, and host a Q&A with accomplished women in different fields representing all parts of the Caribbean. It's a weekend, so feel free to bring your drinks or whatever else to the Zoom call - this is a safe space welcome to everyone!

🔊 Caribbeans For Climate received our 501c3 non-profit status! 🌴

Now we can start applying for grants and accepting donations! Thank you to the many people along the way that have helped facilitate this process. If anyone has any funding opportunities that would be a good fit for us to go after, please pass them along!

A reiteration of some of our goals:

-Cultivate a warm and vibrant community for Caribbean people local and abroad who are interested in and seeking action for Climate related issues, especially as it pertains to the Caribbean region. This community includes all races, religions, languages, ethnicities, nationality, sexual orientations, genders, and all aspects of identity represented in the region. 

-Serve as a network for Caribbean people to connect into academic and career pathways in climate science, policy, mitigation, and impacts.

-Hold events such as seminars, networking events, parties, classes, outreach for members of our community and the public

-Provide academic, professional, and economic resources to Caribbean communities. 

NOAA Satellite + AI/Machine Learning Hackathon - seeking student applicants

NOAA CoastWatch, within the Center for Satellite Application and Research (STAR), is seeking interested students to join our team for an upcoming hackathon organized by NVIDIA, OpenACC, and Princeton University. The event will start June 4, 2024 and conclude June 14, 2024. 

This hackathon team will focus on machine learning methods for satellite detection and quantification of submerged seagrasses and their carbon storage. Participation in the hackathon can be entirely virtual. 

We are building a team that will be composed of senior researchers, both inside and outside of NOAA, and are hoping to add several Masters or PhD students with a strong background in Python programming, data science, machine learning, and interest in satellite remote sensing, ocean applications, and seagrass ecology. 

Team members will explore how high resolution commercial satellite observations and machine learning can be used to understand the ecology and ecosystem function of submerged aquatic vegetation. There may be opportunities for students to carry on this research beyond the hackathon.

Points of Contact: Rebecca Trinh <> , Megan Coffer <>, Guangming Zheng <> 

Postdoc Position Available for Heat and Health Applications of Statistical Downscaling

An esteemed colleague at NOAA GFDL, Keith Dixon, has a wonderful opportunity available for those interested, more information can be found here!: 

Caribbean Night at AMS 2024 in Baltimore!

Friends and Family! Our friends from the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology is hosting Caribbean Night at the 2024 AMS Meeting in Baltimore. It will be on Tuesday night at 7 pm local time. All are welcome, it will be a great time with excellleeennnttt vibes! You know how them Bajans do it...

Hampton University is Recruiting Graduate Students for Paid Positions Studying Climate Science!

Caribbeans for Climate community member, Professor Ruben Delgado (representing Puerto Rico),  has this message for prospective students:

The Hampton University Department of Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, is seeking students interested in pursuing graduate degrees starting in the Fall of 2024. Prospective students with an interest in atmospheric chemistry and physics, atmospheric dynamics and numerical modeling, laser remote sensing technology, radar remote sensing, radiative transfer models, and remote sensing algorithm development are strongly encouraged to apply. Lidar (elastic, Raman, DIAL, Doppler wind) measurements are integrated to satellite and ground based measurements to reach a thorough understanding of the coupling of chemistry and dynamics in the lower atmosphere (troposphere: 0 to 15 km above surface). Potential research projects include:

• Planetary boundary layer height retrievals from ground based remote sensing and satellite observations • Offshore Wind Energy Resource Assessment and Power Production Predictions • Tropospheric trace gases (NO2, O3, SO2, H2O, etc.) and scanning elastic aerosol lidar instrumentation development • Remote sensing determination of optical, chemical and physical properties of trace gases for air quality and environmental justice applications • Atmospheric radiative transfer model development, primarily to support retrieval of aerosol and trace gas properties from satellite measurements in the solar spectrum • Remote sensing characterization of aerosol properties based on interpretation of polarimetry measurements • Understanding the fundamental fluid mechanics of extreme weather with a focus on hurricanes using radar remote sensing and numerical simulations • Understanding the role of turbulence in atmospheric dynamics including stochastic and potentially deterministic components such as coherent turbulent structures • Validating and improving numerical model simulations of the boundary layer using radar remote sensing measurements from spaceborne, airborne and ground-based platforms.

Prospective students with a background in atmospheric and environmental sciences, chemistry, physics, computer science, remote sensing, mechanical and electrical engineering or other related fields are encouraged to apply. Admitted students will receive full tuition and competitive stipend (>$30,000/yr). Interested candidates should apply online at:

Applicants should contact Drs. Ruben Delgado (, Robert Loughman ( and Stephen Guimond ( before applying by sending a copy of their CV and unofficial transcripts.

Keep a lookout for what our members are up to:

AGU Session GC087: Preparing Food, Energy, Water Systems (FEWS) for the Impact of Global Climate Change

Nico Maxfield is the primary convener of AGU Session GC087 at AGU23 in San Francisco (December 11-25, 2023), which will promote research regarding topics such as predicting  climatic and hydrologic extremes due to climate change; impacts of climate change on agriculture and water availability; adaptation measures to climate change and their effectiveness, and more. 

AGU Session A036: Bridging the Gap from Climate to Extreme Weather: Observations, Theory and Modeling

Dr. Veeshan Narinesingh is the early career convener of AGU Session A036 at AGU23 in San Francisco (December 11-25, 2023). Dr. Jhordanne Jones will be an invited speaker. 

AGU Session A105: Past, Present, and Future Hydroclimate Trends over Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean: State of the Science, Open Questions, and Moving Towards Climate Data Equity

This session will showcase interesting and very relevant discussions about paast, present, and future trends in hydrological extremes - such as flooding - over Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean

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Caribbeans for Climate, 2023.