Community Members

Members of Our Community 

Below is a list of some of our community members that are eager to network!

Jhordanne Jones (she/her)



Dr. Jhordanne Jones is a postdoctoral researcher at Purdue University studying the influence of large-scale environmental factors on seasonal hurricane variability

Veeshan Narinesingh (he/him)


Trinidad & Tobago, New York

Dr. Veeshan (Vee) Narinesingh is Physical Scientist at NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory. Vee's work focuses on: (1) studying the the effects of climate change on midlatitude atmospheric dynamics , and (2) Developing and carrying out initiatives to enhance diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in the climate science community. 

Gabriel Rios (he/him)


Cuba, Miami

Gabriel (Gabe) Rios is a PhD student at Princeton University studying the effects of tropical cyclones on climate using global climate models

Jahnelle Howe (she/her)


Montserrat, New York

Jahnelle Howe is a Ph.D student at CUNY Graduate Center. She is interested in biogeochemical parameters of blue carbon ecosystems, specifically mangroves, and how blue carbon is sequestered and stored in an attempt to quantify how much carbon is stored. Other interest include marine biology, and climate change.

Sheila Cáceres Ferreras (she/her)


The Dominican Republic, New York

Sheila Cáceres is a Data Manager for the Atlantic and Indian Oceans Regional Center of Seabed 2030, a project to inspire the complete mapping of the world's ocean by 2030. She is based out of Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University. 

Nicolas Maxfield (he/him)


Puerto Rico, Cuba, New York and New Jersey

Nicolas Maxfield is a Ph.D. student at CUNY Graduate Center. Nico works on water quality models that estimate the mass transport of reactive nitrogen and phosphorus. Nico is interested in how hydrological systems respond to climate change and how both natural and manmade infrastructure can mitigate water pollution. 

Valeria A. Pérez Rivera (she/her)


Puerto Rico

Valeria Pérez Rivera is an undergraduate student at University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez. Valeria is interested in coastal hydrogeology and geomorphology and also does great work educating people about climate. 

Shanice Bailey (she/her)


Jamaica, Taiwan, New York

Shanice Bailey is a Ph.D. candidate at Columbia University studying physical oceanography. Shanice uses ocean model data to study water mass transformations and is also interested in machine learning.

Arianna Varuolo-Clarke (she/her)


Jamaica, New York 

Dr. Arianna Varuolo-Clarke is a postdoctoral researcher at UC Boulder. She received her Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia University. Her research interests include precipitation trends and variability in South America.